the cassendre decree story

Two women, one soul. Cassidy on earth whose life stems from her other self, Cassendre– born in the afterlife.

Amid the broken streets of Brooklyn, New York City and the next world, Cassidy and her alter ego Cassendre live their adventures involving a deal and a contract, yearning and fulfillment, love and madness.

Is too much ever enough?

Will mania knock on my door once more?

Will the man of my darkest dreams leave me be – to live my life?

These are the questions that plague Cassidy as Cassendre discovers that life as a human is really all that she had wished for. 

Cassendre, the Queen of Eversod finds that her existence in the hereafter is too perfect and yearns to feel her emotions in a new and exciting way. She leaves her lover the master of Eversod and their idyllic world to live as a human and is manifested on earth as Cassidy.

HE, the master of Eversod pursues her throughout her human reality yet adheres to the rules set in their initial deal forged in order to make her wish happen.


A delicate dance is crafted between the two lives and very different personas of Cassidy and Cassendre. Readers who come along for this ride will find The Cassendre Decree is not just about paranormal experiences or love. It questions sanity, insanity and what comes next.

Bravely, eloquently and stylistically the battles and working of Cassidy / Cassendre’s mind are told. The story is accompanied by an array of artwork illustrating the struggles and conquests.